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My name is Dr. Laszlo Zsubori. Being a dentist runs in my family. The atmosphere of a dental practice has been a part of my life since my early childhood thanks to my Mother. Upon finishing high school, I was considering becoming a tattoo artist but finally made the decision to attend the Medical University of Szeged where I got my degree as a dentist.

Being an active athlete to this day I enjoy challenges in every aspect of my life. The urge to find challenging situations made me decide to specialize in oral surgery. I started working in the Oral and Maxillofacial Unit of the Hospital of Bács-Kiskun Megye where I am still a member of the medical team as an oral surgeon. For me it is very important to experience the complexity of hospital cases which help me expand my professional knowledge.

I work in two private dental practices in Kalocsa and Kecskemét where I do oral surgery and general dentistry as well as I prefer performing every stage of a patient’s treatment myself if possible, even if it includes conservative or restorative dentistry.

Tooth extractions

Dental implants

Bone grafting

Aesthetic fillings


Root canal treatment

Tooth replacements

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    Private practices where you can find me


    6300 Kalocsa, Illyés Gyula str. 4.
    Practice hours: Thursdays from 3PM to 8PM

    Viktória Dental

    6000 Kecskemét, Tópart str. 29.


    Practice hours: Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays 8AM to 6PM

    Frequently asked questions

    Why is it better to do a root canal treatment instead of simply removing the tooth?

    A natural tooth is a natural tooth. Despite having placed many dental implants successfully in my life, my aim is to save natural teeth for as long as reasonable. A successful root canal treatment may conserve your tooth for up to 10-20 years. This really makes a difference!

    What are some unmistakable signs of having a cyst in my jaw?

    This is a tricky disease as it may not cause any trouble for a long time (see details under ‘Treatments’). A cyst may cause a strong toothache, inflammation or even hair loss.

    What materials do I use to make fillings?

    I work with mercury-free aesthetic composite filling materials that are designed to perfectly restore decayed or damaged teeth. The fillings I make match your natural teeth perfectly – both in shape and shade.

    What sorts of teeth replacements are available?

    Basically anything. From single to multiple tooth replacements, from fully fixed ceramic crowns or bridges to full mouth rehabilitations – whatever the perfect solution is for my patients. My goal is to restore aesthetics, chewing function and quality of life by suggesting customized solutions.

    I am scared of getting dental implants - is it very painful?

    Placing dental implants is a routine surgery which is performed under local anaesthesia. The process is painless, however you may feel some dull perssure that is completely normal. But yes, after the anaesthetics are worn off, some bearable pain may occur in the area. Take one pill of your usual pain medicine and it shall make it go away in no time.

    I am a smoker. Will it cause any trouble with my dental treatments?

    Yes, definitely. It is strictly forbidden to smoke after implantation, tooth extractions or other surgical procedures. You may consider to use this opportunity for quitting.

    Are implant placements always successful?

    In most of the cases, with premium implants we can expect a success rate of 98% within the first 5 years after placement. But even if an implant fails to integrate with your jawbone for the first try, the second attempt is usually successful.

    At which dental clinic shall I see you?

    Both Kalodent and Viktoria Dental are fully equipped to perform general dentistry or oral surgery to meet the highest standards. You should opt for the clinic where the location and / or the opening hours best suit your needs.

    Is there anything else I can help you with?

    Please contact me by using the form below. I receive every message and respond as soon as I can. For a quicker response, I am available through Facebook messenger too. If you don’t get a quick reply, please bear in mind that I might be working but I will get back to you as soon as I can.


    If you would like to book an appointment by phone, it's the team of Viktória Dental and Kalodent who can help you. Please contact them!

    Viktória Dental

    +36 30 295 6180


    +36 78 463 223

      Welcome, My name is Dr. László Zsubori, Oral Surgeon and Dentist. 

      I work in the Oral and Maxillofacial Unit of the Hospital of Bács-Kiskun Megye, in Viktória Dental Kecskemét amd in the clinic of Kalodent Kalocsa. 

      I am specialised in oral surgery and tooth replacements, but I am also happy to help you in general dental treatments. 

      In my practice each patient receives personalized care in expert hands. 

      How  can I help you?

      • Oral surgery
        • Complicated tooth extractions
        • Bone grafting
        • Dental implants
      • Conservative dentistry
        • Aesthetic fillings
        • Root canal treatment
        • Tooth replacements

      Where can you find me?